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Job Opportunities at Project Zawadi’s mission


Job Opportunities at Project Zawadi’s mission Job Description: Project Zawadi’s mission is to partner with communities, schools, and teachers to support quality education for Tanzanian children and youth.  Project Zawadi (PZ) is a small non-profit organization that provides support via three programs: Student Sponsorship, School Support (Model Schools), and Teacher Training (Tenda Teachers).The Tenda Teachers Training Coordinator will be responsible for supporting the Tenda Teacher Director and the Tenda Teachers Professional Development Program.

Job Title: Tenda Teacher Training Coordinator

The Tenda Teachers Professional Development program promotes active teaching and learning techniques where students discuss what they are learning, ask questions, apply their knowledge, and actively participate in class. We offer intensive teacher training workshops locally for teachers to learn and practice these skills. The program provides teacher training using video lessons. The electronic platform will allow teachers to access training almost anywhere and the plan is to make these trainings available across the country.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the development of teacher training resources.
  2. Organizing, coordinate, and facilitate teacher training workshops
  3. Work in a range of schools and with colleagues to assist with the implementation of the Teacher Professional Development Program
  4. Conduct Learning Walks at participating schools
  5. Conduct teacher observations and record what is observed
  6. Inspect teachers’ and school records to monitor the program’s implementation
  7. Liaise with Head Teachers and provide them with support and encouragement
  8. Perform all duties in a timely and accurate manner
  9. Perform additional responsibilities as assigned

Qualifications for the Job:A Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field or experience teaching primary school in Tanzania.  Preference given to candidates with experience in: educational pedagogy, teacher training and professional development, workshop facilitation, curriculum development, public speaking, programmatic evaluation and the curriculum and structure of the Tanzanian education system is a must.  Work is done primarily in and near Nyamuswa Village, Bunda District, Mara Region but may require substantial travel in Tanzania.

Key Competencies:

  • ·         Strong oral and written communication skills in both English and Swahili
  • ·         Ability to engage in clear and empathic communication
  • ·         Professional behavior with integrity and flexibility as job changes and grows
  • ·         Detail oriented, organized, and able to manage priorities for multiple projects
  • ·         Ability to work independently
  • ·         Coaching and mentoring skills
  • ·         Solid computer and social media skills with fluency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

JobTitle: Community Support Officer for Agriculture and Water

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • ·         School farm development that provides at least one meal a day to the students. And everything involved: What to plant, how, how to manage it. Sales of excess.
  • ·         Work with each school and neighboring community to set up a sustainable structure.
  • ·         Promote widespread adoption of conservation agriculture (CA) farming practices by demonstrating the benefits of CA to communities surrounding model farms in order to increase regional food security and economic prosperity.
  • ·         Provide students with practical, non-classroom educational experiences covering CA land use and agricultural practices (e.g., crop selection and rotation, seed varieties, soil preparation and management, cover crops, water management, integration of trees and animals)
  • ·         Develop material and facilitate training for the operation and maintenance of water delivery systems at partner schools and communities.
  • ·         Collaborate with our model farms and water projects partners for effectively implementation
  • ·         Perform all duties in a timely and accurate manner
  • ·         Performadditionalresponsibilitiesasassigned

Qualificationsfor theJob

Bachelor of Sciencein Agriculture or Bachelor of Science in Irrigation and Water Resources engineering or related field or comparable work experience is required.Experience with community projects such as water projects in rural areas, Community agricultural support project, public meeting facilitation, programmatic evaluations, and public speaking is a plus.

Key Competencies:

  • ·         Strongoraland writtencommunication skillsinbothEnglishand Swahili
  • ·         Abilitytoengageinclearandempathiccommunication
  • ·         Professionalbehaviorwithintegrityandflexibilityasjob changesandgrows
  • ·         Detailoriented,organized,andabletomanageprioritiesformultipleprojects
  • ·         Abilitytoworkindependently
  • ·         Coachingandmentoringskills
  • ·         Solidcomputerandsocialmediaskillswithfluencyin Word,Excel,andPowerPoint

To Apply: Send ONE email and up to two attachments (cover letter and CV) with the subject line “Tenda Coordinator” to adrian@projectzawadi.org and bsinger@projectzawadi.org. In the cover letter explain why you want the job and describe your salary history and requirements. Deadline to apply: July 10, 2020.



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